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10 ideas for the design of a spacious loggia

In recent decades, more and more people are using loggias as another room. This allows you to increase the "free meters", making them functional. The times when the loggia was exploited, like a storeroom and a warehouse for unnecessary things, are over. That's why today we offer you the most interesting ideas for the design of a loggia. They will help to create and organize this room correctly.

How to choose furniture, curtains and lighting to the size of the loggia

Before choosing a specific design of the loggia, you need to decide on the basic parameters of the selection of furniture and accessories. They depend on free space:

  • Furniture. If the loggia is small, try to buy small furniture, and better - a transformer. This option allows the owner to change the shape and location of elements at its own discretion.

  • Curtains. They are both decorative and functional elements. If you have made wooden sliding glazing, then roll and roman blinds will look great. Choose lightweight models of curtains or blinds so that they do not 鈥渟teal鈥 free space.

  • Lighting. The classic version is spotlights located above the table, sofa or reading space (depending on what the glazed loggia is combined with).

Do not forget the greens. Add it on the window sills, hang it on special designs, or put pots of flowers on the shelves. For a seasonal solution, use flowers in containers that you can buy at any specialty store.

For covering balconies and loggias there are a variety of modern and interesting options:

  • ceramic tile,

  • non-toxic paint,

  • cork,

  • natural facing stone.

You can also use inexpensive wood imitating panels. They are quickly mounted. Glazing with the use of frames with the same imitation of wood can complement natural materials. With panoramic windows you can use thin curtains of coffee and milk shades. They will be in tone panels. 

Little Loggia - not a style sentence

Design a small loggia - this is the case when the size does not matter. But only if properly organize the space. For those who like flowers, this is a great way to organize a mini-greenhouse or a winter garden. There you can relax. To do this, you need to put only two pieces of furniture - a coffee table and a chair.

To leave free space, prepare the attachment for hanging shelves. They can hold many small accessories, for example, the same flower pots. But try to use a minimum of objects so that the room does not lose comfort. The filled shelves will create an overwhelming impression. Make a mini-gallery of several photos in unusual frames, paint the shelves in bright colors - and the loggia is ready.

Comfortable medium loggia: your personal space

The average size of the loggia is about 4-6 m2This allows you to choose almost any style that you like. Even a small treadmill or corner sofa will fit here if the loggia is square or triangular.

You can expand the space more if you use the play of light and shadow. To do this, install small lamps along the walls, on the ceiling and even on the floor. 

Large loggia over 7 sq.m.

With a large loggia, you can use a variety of options for the design of a loggia. If there is a lot of space, then zoning may be necessary. To do this, you can use a screen, partition or cabinet. It depends on the style you chose.

Since you will not be limited in free space, you can choose any style of interior.

Choose your perfect style: from country and high-tech to provenance and loft

Registration of a loggia in an apartment or house depends only on the imagination and preferences of the owner. The main features of the style can be embodied even on a few square meters.


Materials used:

  • fake diamond,

  • wooden elements,

  • many fresh flowers,

  • saturated colors.

Windows close the curtains of medium density fabric with a large ornament. The floor can be any, as it will cover a colorful carpet or quilted carpet (or several). Furniture is better to choose simple - concise chairs and a table, wooden benches. To create an accent, sew or buy bright chintz seats.

High tech

Materials used:

  • glass accessories,

  • metal parts,

  • prevalence of silver, black and gray colors in the finish.

The most popular high-tech veneer style is panels in metal color. LED spotlights with white light visually expand the space. They can be placed on the ceiling or curved path.

Mediterranean style

Materials used:

  • wooden panels,

  • wood imitation tiles,

  • rattan in furniture.

To create an atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast, use wood texture and sea colors - more turquoise and mint shades. It looks appropriate olive, brown and white. Instead of the usual sofa, put a couple of lounge chairs or hang a hammock. The hammock can be connected from dense multi-colored ropes that will make it not only a functional subject, but also a decoration. Use also a palm tree in a white tub. 

Japanese style

Materials used:

  • rice and bamboo paper partitions,

  • any types of finishing materials with hieroglyphs.

The furniture should be dark brown or deep red. On the floor - mats, lightweight mobile partitions with blossoming sakura. Hang a large decorative fan with a Japanese girl on the wall. Place a couple of bonsai bushes on the available horizontal surfaces. Origami figurines of colored thick paper will become an accent of the interior.

Provence style

Materials used:

  • only natural - wood and stone,

  • the tile should imitate the natural texture of wood or stone.

Paint the ceiling and walls in pastel light colors - blue, pink, beige. Shades can be combined - their combination creates the charm of the French province, from which the Provence style came. Furniture must be in harmony with painted surfaces. That's why choose wicker chairs, or a sofa with a neutral upholstery in a floral pattern in pastel colors. Add a lot of fresh flowers.

Modern style with decorative elements

This design direction is interesting because it has a rich palette of colors. Fantasy can not limit - from pleasant brown and coffee tones, to extravagant scarlet and mint.

Frameless furniture, for example, armchairs with wicker elements, will look great. The doorway to the next room can be beautifully decorated. If a staircase goes into the house with a loggia, make it flowery along the edge. This will dilute too thick tones of this style.

The modern interior sometimes becomes too bright, resembling oriental style. That is why plants are needed to balance the aggressive red-brown gamut.

Compact loft studio with loggia

If you like the loft style, feel free to use it. The ideal combination for a small apartment is to combine a hall or a living room with a loggia. Small partitions and screens to designate recreation and work areas are actively used here.

Loft is suitable for rooms with panoramic windows. Because this interior design of the loggia looks good with maximum light - natural and artificial. The accessories are the elements stylized for the life of the plant - metal pipes, air ducts, not hidden by the ceiling, sheets of steel. With furniture there will be no problems - it is as simple and unassuming as possible. The main color of the loft is blue or gray.

Simple redevelopment - step to comfort

The loggia is convenient because it easily joins almost any room. If you are doing a partial join, permission is not needed, and if it is full, you will still have to get it.

Loggia and office

A stylish closet can serve as a visual partition between the loggia and the second room. If you want to make a cabinet in the loggia, this piece of furniture will become functional.

The narrow loggia is ideal for creating a small cabinet. A small partition will close you creating a kind of niche. In the opposite side of the loggia office, you can put a sofa for relaxing or a coffee table with a pair of chairs.

How to increase the kitchen at the expense of the loggia

The absence of partitions between the kitchen and the loggia is an excellent option. Dining table and the required number of chairs for all family members can be placed near the window opening. This layout is very real, as some standard solutions in the apartment are very strange - 1-room accommodation with a small kitchen and a large loggia, stretched along the length of the apartment. Such an arrangement will make it possible to make another room from the kitchen, for example, a bedroom, and on the loggia to organize a compact dining room.

If the loggia is about 130 cm wide and about 5 meters long, you can easily place on it:

  • dinner table,

  • fridge,

  • built-in cooker with hood,

  • narrow locker and bookcase,

  • the window sill after a small modification will become a cutting table.

Even more space is available when hanging open shelves. But use fewer closed cabinets - they can create a feeling of clutter. This causes discomfort in such a small space.

Loggia and bedroom

Kitchens began to do more in new homes and apartments. But at the same time, the free space in the bedroom was reduced. There remains space only for the bed and a couple of bedside tables. If your bedroom is adjacent to the loggia, you can expand the available meters of personal space. For example, you can put a closet with things, placing it on the back wall of the bedroom. Then you can put a few shelves this side of the cabinet. You can also place a plasma TV - modern models are very light, and allow you to watch videos on the Internet. Spend time with comfort.

Individual loggia design

There are a lot of design options for loggias. In the design of this small room you can embody almost any style. Get rid of unnecessary things on the loggia and create your own little corner of comfort. Our photos will help you find the best design ideas in different versions and colors.

  • 10 ideas for the design of a spacious loggia
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