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Egg Chair (red wool)

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Design Jacobsen Arne

Dimensions (DхWхH): 70*80*110

Seat height: 42 cm

Legs Type: Metal

Seat color: Red

Seat material: Wool

Legs Color: Chrome

The Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair was the culminations of a new technique that Jacobsen pioneered with the Egg. Like a sculptor, Jacobsen first sculpted the Egg out of clay in his garage so he could perfect the shape. He then molded the Egg Chair out of a strong foam inner shell under the upholstery. The result is a wholly unique shape, meaning the Jacobsen Egg Chair affords privacy in otherwise public spaces.

The Jacobsen Egg first appeared in the reception areas of the Royal Hotel, in Copenhagen. The commission to design every element of the hotel building as well as the furniture was Jacobsen's grand opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice. The Egg is one of the triumphs of Jacobsen's total design - a sculptural contrast to the building's almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces.